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Roof Slating

Roof Slating is an area of expertise for Roof Plus Ltd, we are renowned for our quality installation of all types of Slates including Spanish Slates, Welsh Slates including Penrhyn and Cwt-y-Bugail, Burlington Grey and Green Slates, Canadian, American and Brazilian Slates.

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Roof Plus Ltd have NVQ qualified Roofers able to complete all types of Slating including sized, random widths, random diminishing, curved roofs and eyebrows as well as specialist Slating techniques including Mitred Hips, Valleys, Slate Verticals and Slate Gables.

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Spanish Slates
There are several Spanish Slates companies and Quarries producing a vast range in quality of Slates, we have visited several quarries and installed most types of these different Spanish Slates so we are able to offer advice about which is the right Spanish Slate for your project or home.
A slate we have confidence in is the Samaca Q49 Slate and we have installed over 300,000 of these over the last 3 years, this slate has a 70 year guarantee when installed by Roof Plus Ltd. This Slate can also be used in the Snowdonia National Park and is one of the closest matches of the Welsh Cwt-Y-Bugail Slates available from Spain. The Samaca Q49 is most commonly available in a 500 x 250mm, but also in a 500 x 300mm size for shallower pitch roofs so with a project where there are several different pitch roofs, these are ideal.

Welsh Slates
There are several smaller Welsh Slate quarries still producing roof slates, we can offer a supply and fix price in all these different Slates, although we would recommend choosing from either a Penrhyn Slate or a Cwt-Y-Bugail Slate quarried by the largest quarry, Welsh Slate, these Slates are known as the ‘Most Durable Slate known to Man’
Penrhyn are the most commonly known Welsh Slate identified by their heather blue colour, also known as Bangor Blue, these are mainly available in a 500 x 300mm and 400 x 300mm and on certain projects costs can be kept to a minimum by using ‘half’ slates at the verges and abutments providing these slates are a minimum of 150mm wide.
Roof Plus Ltd also have a quality supplier of reclaimed slates should you wish to use Welsh Slates but may need a cheaper alternative to new Welsh Slates. Roof Plus Ltd aim to ensure that when a project is completed in reclaimed slates, that these slates are sourced from the same roof.

Burlington Slates
Burlington Slates are quarried in Cumbria and are available in both Grey and Green Colour, Roof Plus Ltd have installed both Grey ‘Sized’ Slates as well as Green ‘Random diminishing’ Slates on projects in 2012. One of the projects completed by Roof Plus Ltd had over 50 tonne of Burlington ‘Random diminishing’ Green Roof Slate used on the Roof.

Canadian Slates
Roof Plus Ltd can offer a price in Canadian Glendyne Roof Slate although most clients often choose a Spanish Slate due to the similar appearance but more competitive price.

American Slates
The most common American Slate used in Britain is Vermont Green Slate, often chosen where a client is seeking a more competitive Slate than the Burlington Green Slate however Vermont Green are particularly ideal for creating a contrasting pattern or design when used in conjunction with a dark Roof Slate.


Brazilian Slates
Roof Plus Ltd have installed Brazilian Slates on several projects in recent years, however these Slates were hook fixed due to the mineral properties of Brazilian Slate being more of a mud-stone hence they are prone to breaking across the nail holes when nail fixed only. Due to this, although we can supply and fix Brazilian Slates, we do not offer a guarantee on these Slates and will only hook fix them. Despite this on certain projects Brazilian Green Slates can produce a very attractive appearance at a competitive price.

Chinese Slates
We are often asked for a supply and fix price in Chinese Slates, we are reluctant to install these Slates due to several quality issues that we have experienced including an extreme weathering of the Slates due to the high amount of calcium in the Chinese Slate as well as Slates that have ‘splintered’ resulting in shards of Slate coming off the roofs as sharp as Razor Blades. As well as this, many of the Chinese Slates available are difficult to trace back to a source of origin due to the large number of producers and agents, often a Spanish Slate is available that can offer the same competitive price but with proven quality. We are happy to discuss further if you have a project where you have considered using Chinese Slates.

Fibre-Cement Slates
Fibre cement Slates can provide the appearance of a natural slate roof at an economical price or when a lighter material than natural Slate is required. Roof Plus Ltd can offer a supply and fix price in a wide range of different Fibre-Cement Slates to suit your requirements.

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We are renowned for the quality installation of all types of slate roofing.

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