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Roof Tiling
At Roof Plus Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality of our roofing works even when using a mass produced roofing product such as a Concrete interlocking tile.

Our NVQ qualified Roofers can complete roof tiling in a variety of products including interlocking concrete tiles, interlocking clay tiles, 10'' x 6'' Clay Tiles and concrete Plain Tiles offered by a large range of manufacturers including Marley Eternit, Russell Roof Tiles, Sandtoft Roof Tiles, Forticrete, Dreadnought and Monier Redland.

Concrete interlocking tiles

Roof Plus Ltd install over 100,000 flat concrete interlocking tiles per year, colloquially called a Modern due to the Marley Modern Roof Tile being the most common, this is one of the most widely used roof coverings in the UK especially on newer developments. It is also one of the most common products to be incorrectly installed, including contractors 'stretching' the tiles which means reducing the head-lap so that there are less courses of tiles on the roof as well as contractors not fixing to the correct fixing specification. Rest assured if Roof Plus Ltd complete your roofing project they will complete a fixing specification and fix to this specification, as a minimum, even increasing the specification if our knowledge and experience leads us to believe that the fixing specification is insufficient. This also applies to other profiles in the Concrete interlocking range including Double Romans, Mendips, Gemini/duo-plain/Ashmores, Bold Roll, Forticrete Hardrow Slates as well as many others.

Clay interlocking tiles
One of Roof Plus Ltd favourite tiles is a Clay interlocking Sandtoft 20/20 Tile, Sandtoft also produce a Cassius, Rivius, Olympus, Modula and Balmoral Clay tile. Where planning constraints require Clay then these products can often offer a competitive alternative to a 'Rosemary' tile. These products benefit by a longer-lasting colour than the concrete alternative.

10'' x 6'' Tile.
Roof Plus Ltd install concrete plain tiles on most low roofs completed on new housing sites as well as on Vertical panels which include splay bays and apex verticals where Winchester Cuts are completed to ensure a water-tight weathering without the need for a Lead flashing. Also Concrete Plain Tiles have been installed by Roof Plus Ltd on some of the largest houses in South Manchester and Cheshire.

The installation of Clay 10'' x 6'' tiles is another of Roof Plus Ltd specialities, we have installed these on the largest residential property in Hale, South Manchester where a high quality finish was paramount as well as on several large houses in Cheshire. These properties often had purpose-made hips or mitred hips as well as purpose-made valleys.
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